Bull Bars

Commercial Alloy, Nudge and Bull Bars

Prioritising Safety with UV4x4 Bull Bars

It's the extra protection offered to your vehicle that makes UV4x4 a valuable choice.

At all times, the safety of the occupants is paramount and beyond yourself, the next priority is the vehicle.

In the event of animal strikes, UV4x4's complete range of bull bars gives you advanced protection to the fullest extent.

As an accessory essential to remote travel, our complete selection is compliant with the vehicle’s airbags and satisfies ADR requirements. Each bull bar addition to our store undergoes extensive testing by our manufacturers to ensure your safety for any particular purpose. 

However, a bull bar offers much more than just protection; it also acts as a measure of prevention by accommodating driving lights to help you spot animals well in advance, giving you plenty of time to react. Our professional 4WD accessory specialists can advise which bull bar, lights or radios to install to help keep you and your vehicle safe. 

Finally, this level of protection includes support for the bull bar design to safeguard the vehicle’s radiator, driving lights, body and, of course, you.

Designed to meet your specific requirements, we have the best brands available on the market, including ARB, ECB, SmartBar and more. Choose innovative solutions for both your 4WD and 2WD vehicles, designed with quality in mind.

Superb Engineering with ARB Bull Bars

Topping the range as the market leader, ARB has been manufacturing its functional designs since the 1970s. Ideal for rural conditions, ARB bull bars undergo extensive testing and evolution that has seen the brand establish the best frontal protection in the market.

With a complete range of powder coated steel designs available for purchase and increased production of aluminium designs, we have you covered.  

If you're looking for a robust, lightweight and capable nudge bar, then the ARB fully welded aluminium nudge bars are perfect. Engineered to properly carry driving lights and antennas, nothing else quite meets the standard. 

ECB also manufactures aluminium bull bars and nudge bars for frontal protection and has done so for many decades. With Australia’s most complete range of aluminium designs including nudge bars, UV4x4 can also cater to the smaller SUV market with the same type of excellent and quality outcomes.

Rounding out our trilogy of premium brands is the innovative SmartBar range. Australian-made from polyethylene, the SmartBar range is favoured by Fleet Controllers nationwide because of its weight advantages and protection for pedestrians. 

Each of these brands can accommodate electric winches which are another essential for trips to the bush or for long term rural travel and camping.

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Bull Bar FAQ's

Most bull bar brands are created to be compliant with a vehicle's airbags and perform seamlessly without negative effects. While it will add weight to your 4WD, a bull bar also adds to the performance by acting as a mounting point for a winch, driving lights and other accessories that are ideal for unsealed roads and off-roading.

To ensure safe use of your bull bar, it is not recommended that you modify it in any way. For it to function efficiently, it should be used for only the reason it's intended.

At UV4x4 we only stock items that are recognised as top quality brands that meet Australian safety standards. Within the industry, noted brands that are known for their quality and safety include ARB 4x4 Accessories, ECB and SmartBar. We stock these amongst other reputable brands that will keep you and your car safe when on unsealed roads or off-roading.

While it's not always necessary to have a suspension upgrade when adding a bull bar, it is worth the effort to further enhance the experience. By upgrading the suspension your vehicle will have better handling, have ample clearance height and are easier to tow and make your ride all round a better experience.

These are relatively different designs and have varying benefits from one another. While both provide frontal protection for your vehicle, there are a range of differences that make them unique from each other.

A nudge bar is usually made from aluminium and is lightweight. Attached to the front of a vehicle it works to protect SUVs and sedans during minor collisions and provides a suitable mounting point for lights or an antenna.

Whilst similar, a bull bar is attached to the front of a vehicle for the protection of the passengers and 4WD. They are large and heavy duty and can be used to mount any accessories such as winches and driving lights.

If you're someone who regularly engages in driving on unsealed roads or goes off-roading, they are a protective addition to your vehicle, especially in Australia where animal strikes regularly occur. A bull bar not only protects you but also your vehicle.

While it's possible to fit it yourself, we recommend getting a professional to install it on your vehicle so that everything lines up correctly and stays in place should an accident occur. If you do get it installed by a professional, the work will be covered by warranty, unlike if you choose to do it for yourself.