Portable Fridge Freezers

Portable Fridge Freezers

Portable Fridge Freezers

The extensive range of ARB fridge freezers available at UV4x4 allows you to have ‘Fridge Freedom’ whilst on the road with your 4WD without sacrificing practicality or useability. To cater for your refrigerated needs, ARB has designed two different fridges, the Classic Range Fridge Freezer and the ARB Elements Fridge Freezer.

The Classic Range Fridge Freezer integrates several standard features such as an efficient and quiet compressor, durable powder coated zinc steel cabinet, lightweight injection-moulded base and removable lid, tough steel handles and digital temperature display as part of an electronic control system.

The ARB Elements Fridge Freezer boasts many features that ensure a durable, modern and aesthetic appeal product that is user-friendly.  This fridge is sure to tackle the elements with stainless steel body and hinges, anodised aluminium latches, UV resistant trim and thoughtful placement of electrical connections to ensure protection.

The new and advanced gas spring strut enables the fridge lid to be held open at any position increasing usability. The new-age, weatherproof touchpad control allows owners to manage temperature control, low voltage cut-out and security whilst the fridge lid is open and closed.

Security is promised with the one of a kind magnetic lock that prevents temperature settings or access from unauthorised personnel.

And don’t forget UV4x4’s extensive options to power-up your new fridge. We can ensure that no matter where you are….the beers are cold!

There are also numerous accessories that will compliment your Portable Fridge Freezer. 

The Fridge Freezer Monitor gives owners the option of viewing the fridge temperature, supply voltage and compressor status via a LCD display of up to two different fridges, from the comfort of your vehicle. The ARB Tie Down System is a functional, durable and simple addition to provide maximum security for your 4WD fridge.

The ARB Transit Bag is made of hard-wearing canvas to provide additional insulation as well as shield from damage. A variety of 12 and 24 Volt wiring accessories are available to enable flexible placement or hard wiring of the fridge into the vehicle. 

Fridge Slides are a functional addition for your 4WD fridge. On offer are the ARB Fridge Slide, the Full Extension Fridge Slide, the MSA Drop Slide and Side Drop Slides.