Ute Canopies and Lids

Choose from leading brands, including ARB canopy designs.

If you're looking for extra security or wish to increase the capacity of internal storage for your utility, an ARB Canopy installed by UV4x4, will make your vehicle so much more efficient and suit your lifestyle.

By freeing up the internal space for passengers, and giving them comfort and more legroom, our Ute canopies mean you can carry more essential gear.

Without the added storage space that an ARB Canopy gives your vehicle, the camping trip or other adventure you want to take may not be possible.

ARB Canopy Designs for Maximising Space

At UV4x4, we're committed to bringing you the very best canopies for your utility vehicle, especially from the ARB canopy range, which remains the leader in design and construction within Australia.

An ARB canopy is weatherproof and gives your vehicle flexible storage options, and are available in a variety of styles and finishes. Made from UV-stabilised thermoplastic, they are covered by a 3-year warranty nationwide.

The top-of-the-line ARB canopy is the sleek and modern biggest seller, the Ascent. This design is so good it looks like it is part of the original vehicle! Its steady lines and central locking make this stand out as one of the best canopies on the market.

This ARB canopy is also a popular choice within Australia because of its frameless windows, built-in brake lights, smooth skin finish colour-coded to your original paint colour and the capacity for many options on the roof courtesy of our respected brands Rhino Rack, ARB & Thule.

Dual & Single Cab Canopies Packed Full of Features

Another option within the ARB canopy line is the Classic Plus, which is a mainstay that continues to offer practical integrated features at an affordable price. From the convenience of keyless entry and ‘slam shut’ option, it's a more economical choice than the Ascent, but still packed with features.

The Classic Plus has a smooth finish and the capacity for all of our roof rack options for even greater storage options.

The mainstay of the ARB canopy range is the Classic, which continues to deliver quality and practical results at an affordable price. We’ve been installing these Ute canopies for years, and they continue to be a reliable, secure and well-constructed option.

While it's a little bit more basic in design than other arb canopy choices, the Classic comes in smooth or textured exterior as well as in high or low roof options for your single or dual cab. As with other Ute canopies in our range, we can maximise your carrying capacity with our many roof rack options.

Once you’ve chosen the right design for you, don’t forget how UV4x4 can maximise the interior with a highly modular ARB drawer system, dual battery system with auxiliary outlets for fridges, inverters, Ute liners, fridge slides and other accessories.

If you're a tradie, then your tools are locked away, insurable and efficiently laid out.

Time is money and we know UV4x4 can help you make some with our canopies for a secure setup!

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Ute Canopies FAQ's

When purchasing from our ARB range of canopies, they have been made using technology from ABS thermoplastic, which is waterproof. Therefore, the outside of your dual cab canopies is protected from water. However, ARB advises that their Ute canopies are water-resistant, but there may be instances where water seeps through the sealant.

If you want the functionality of a ute but the security of a roof over your vehicle, then adding a ute canopy is worth it. A canopy ensures you can carry your tools safely if you're a tradie. It also allows you to make better use of the available covered space to keep your luggage dry, should you be going camping in Australia.

For a busy family, installing an ARB canopy means having more covered room to carry sports gear, kayaks or other items when going on other adventures.

Choosing to install a canopy also gives you the flexibility to add roof racks for even more storage capabilities and makes travelling with family or your mates a lot easier.

Technically yes, ARB canopies can be removed once fitted, however due to the seals added to the top of the tub it is not recommended. It can be difficult to remove it alone and you may need an extra pair of hands to help, along with somewhere to store it safely until you wish to refit it to your Ute.

Each of the ARB Ute canopy ranges holds varying weights using a roof rack & internal frame set for securing your camping gear or other gear. The Ascent, Classic Plus & Classic can hold up to 100kg whilst the vehicle is in motion & up to 300kg when stationary.

Before adding any additional weight to your utility, consult with the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure you secure the right equipment for your dual cab.