Canopies & Ute Lids

Ute Canopies and Lids

It is the extra security and capacity of internal storage for your utility, installed by UV4x4, that makes your vehicle so much more efficient. By freeing up the internal space for passengers and comfort, our ute canopies mean you can carry more essential gear.

Without these, sometimes the trip may not be possible.

Choose from leading brands, including ARB canopy designs

We have the best options on the market – including the ARB canopy range, which remains the leader in design and construction. Weatherproof, but with flexible storage options, the ARB canopy line comes in a variety of styles and finishes. Made from UV-stabilised thermoplastic, they are covered by a 60,000km/3-year warranty nationwide.

Top of the line is the big selling Ascent ute canopy. This design is so good it looks like it is part of the original utility! Sleek lines with central locking makes this the stand-out design on the market. Frameless windows, built-in brake lights, smooth skin finish colour-coded to your original paint colour and the capacity for many options on the roof courtesy of our many designs from Rhino Rack, ARB & Thule.

Next is the Classic Plus, which takes the mainstay of the ARB canopy line and gives it a keyless entry & ‘slam shut’ option. More economical than the Ascent, but still feature packed, the Classic Plus still has a smooth finish & has the capacity for all of our roof rack options.

Lastly, but not least of all, is the mainstay of the range, the Classic. We’ve been installing these for years and, by jingo, have they done some work. A little bit more basic in design, the Classic comes in smooth or textured exterior as well as in high or low roof options. And again we can maximise your carrying capacity with many roof rack options.

So, once you’ve chosen the right design for you, don’t forget how UV4x4 can maximise the interior with a highly modular ARB drawer system, dual battery power plants with auxiliary outlets for fridges, inverters etc, ute liners and fridge slides.

If you're a tradie, then your tools are locked away, insurable and efficiently laid out. Time is money and hopefully UV4x4 can help you make some.