Radios, Mapping & Cameras

The vast range of communication solutions on offer means you can feel confident that you are never alone when out in remote areas. The wide array of navigating systems available assures 4WDers that finding your way in unknown surroundings is made as simple as possible.

Systems from GME such as Antennas and radios are available for communication purposes whilst Hema Maps and ARB Reversing Cameras can aid with the rest.

A GME Antenna significantly broadens the ability of your UHF Radio to receive and broadcast signals. Selecting the appropriate antenna for your needs is based upon several factors and we can assist you in making sure you choose the most suited model for your vehicle.

The GME Handhelds provide the same benefits of other UHF radios but with the added advantage of usage without the need for a 4WD.These devices come included with a desktop charger and AC adaptor or rechargeable batteries as well as potential for a number of other additional accessories that are on offer. 

The GME UHF radios are a simple addition to your vehicle's dash or console. Features such as signal strength metres and adjustable squelch, programmable scan functions and energy-saving quiet modes make this product a necessity for and 4WD adventurer. 

The Hema Maps range includes both digital systems such as the HN7 and HX-1 as well as an extensive range of printed maps and road atlases. 

Both the HX-1 and HN7 allows drivers to travel with confidence with features such as 4WD and Street navigation as well as points of interest such as camps and caravan parks, facilities, supply points and much more. All within an exceptional, high resolution 7-inch widescreen touch display.

The ARB Reversing Cameras range aid drivers with reversing as well as increase the safety of the vehicle by offering consistent and exceptional reversing visibility. 

Drivers will experience a greater field of vision to the rear, side, roof or front of the vehicle.