Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

Organisation & Safety


To maximise your versatility and capacity in your vehicle, UV4x4 stock the entire range of ARB storage solutions. These solutions will not only keep all of your possessions safely in position but maintain an organised system so all your belongings are easy to find.

We are proud to sell a vast range of drawers and barrier systems and organisers to aid with your 4WD travels as well as everyday needs.

The Outback Solutions Modular Roller Drawer Systems are individually customised to suit the vehicle as well as the owner’s needs or desires. The extensive range can be made to suit a large number of vehicles including wagons, utes, trailers as well non-vehicle applications.

There are three different types of modules available and are all made with durable, UV stable carpet and completely sealed dust and water resistant bearings. All modules are engineered with features to compliment both on and off-road travel.

Several of our storage solutions can be tailored to suit your needs specifically. Talk to one of our friendly staff to design your vehicle’s storage systems today.

Several Cargo Bags and Organisers are available to aid in keeping everything safe and in the right place. As well as the traditional Cargo Organisers other accessories such as Stormproof Bags, Cooler Bags and Stormproof Backpacks are available. 

The ARB Roller Drawer table is also an efficient accessory for touring and onsite applications. 

To prevent any unrestrained cargo being thrown forward and posing a potential safety risk, a cargo barrier is essential in any 4WD wagon. Hayman Reese, Milford and Outback provide easily removable cargo barriers to yield this protection.

Many vehicles have the option for multi position fittings to be installed effectively allowing the barrier to be repositioned if desired.