LED Driving Lights

Choose from ARB, Bushranger and Lightforce driving lights and light bars

Light up your drive on your next adventure with a range of performance-focused LED lights. UV4x4 has the right set for you that can accommodate your every need, especially when travelling across Australia, both off-road and on-road.

If you need to light the way for optimum precision driving across rocky, bush and dusty terrain, our high-quality products will have you safely navigate the road for night driving.

To illuminate your drive when navigating dense forestry roads, especially if you're unfamiliar with them, it's recommended you use flood orientated products to light your way.

Wherever your journey takes you and your vehicle, we have a huge collection of lights to choose from. With the experience of our people to guide your fit-out, you can confidently find the perfect LED light solution that best meets your needs.

Setting the Standard with Precision Driving Lights

At UV4x4, we ensure that our customers never need to worry about seeing what's ahead. We can provide wiring harnesses, mounts, brackets, and LED driving lights. We stock all the best brands in Australia that are known for their reliability and meet the needs that the terrain across Australia demands.

As a well-known and respected brand, ARB has high-performing Intensity LED driving lights that are perfect to take on the road with you across Australia.

Available in the traditional round and bar light, these ARB Intensity LEDs are just that – intense! With a white hue to simulate sunlight and instant performance without the need to warm up, these lights are the benchmark of the industry for your vehicle.

ARB Intensity LED lights are vibration-tested and have a nearly indestructible polycarbonate lens along with a 50,000-hour lifespan. The Intensity range is proudly engineered in Australia and produced in the USA.

Premium Performance to Light Your Night Driving

If premium options are beyond your needs, look no further than IPF driving lights where you get quality products at a fraction of the cost. Years of selling this range have given UV4x4 the confidence to recommend them to our customers knowing the product has them covered for day or night driving.

Available in round or rectangular, these designs are perfect for smaller 4WDs and cars that don’t have a heavy-duty mounting point like a bull bar. With thousands fitted over the years, IPF driving lights come with a complete range of lens covers, wiring upgrades, lock nuts and more.

For top-tier designs, where the light range will handle a range of conditions across Australia, look no further than the Bushranger range of spotlights, light bars and accessories.

Completing the range is Australia’s own Lightforce brand whose main product line for your vehicle consist of the polycarbonate lens which is a mainstay that has continued to develop and remain strong in the marketplace.

Tested extensively in the harsh Australian outback, Lightforce products continue to outperform many competitors.

LED Driving Lights FAQ's

LED driving lights are used along with your high beams to provide you with as much light as possible when travelling at night. They are most often mounted at the front of your 4x4 so you can see what is in front of you. Light is projected to the front and sides of the car and works with your vehicle's high beam.

It's essential they aren't used as a replacement for your regular headlights along with being used around other traffic because they become a distraction and could cause an accident rather than acting as an asset to your 4x4 by providing extra light.

Yes, when choosing a light that will allow you to see well in harsh conditions and that is also durable and efficient, you cannot look past our range of lights. They are designed to illuminate and handle a range of conditions where you need more light than usual.

While HIDs are known for producing strong light, LEDs meet the needs of drivers more efficiently and are considerably more durable, lasting up to 50,000 hours. HIDs only last around 15,000 hours which is a mere fraction in comparison and with less efficiency are not usually the first choice for 4x4 enthusiasts.

It's essential that these aren't used on a whim or on the road with other traffic. They are designed to be used on outback roads across Australia to spot animals and manage tricky terrain. Legally within Australia, they cannot be used within 200 metres of a car that's oncoming or travelling in your direction.