Old Man Emu Suspension

Enjoy a full range of 4WD suspension accessories

We aim to obtain premium comfort and practicality standards to make your off-roading adventures easier.

Old Man Emu (OME) suspension is an extremely effective solution to increase load carrying capabilities, improve both comfort and vehicle handling as well as an increased ground clearance for the more strenuous situations.

Old Man Emu 4x4 suspension by ARB provides a unique approach to a vehicle’s requirements in this area. Instead of providing a range of different products, OME has designed a range of integrated systems that are matched to provide premium levels of comfort as well as control and load carrying capabilities.

This line also offers an extensive range of shock absorbers and springs; each capable of being uniquely matched to your vehicle. The standout of this range is the BP-51 shock absorbers which are a new range of high performance, bypass designs that are aimed at delivering optimum levels of comfort and control. The Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers work to provide tremendous improvements in comfort, ride and handling, no matter the terrain. In combination with a spring, the shock will effectively absorb excess energy and result in a significantly improved ride.

The OME Coil Springs are designed specifically to suit a large number of vehicles and are made from top of the range micro-alloyed spring steel to ensure the absence of sagging and corrosion. As an extensive range on offer, coil springs can be matched to corresponding load weights and intended vehicle usage. With the integration of OME Coil Springs, ride control is significantly improved and ride height is increased. OME Leaf Springs are a sturdy solution that will provide exceptional ride performance regardless of the conditions. A fully integrated system is achieved when the springs are combined with a set of OME Shock Absorbers.

As soon as your vehicle is fitted with OME 4x4 suspension, the benefits are felt.

Other 4WD suspension related products and services are on offer such as GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrades as well as Steering Stabilisers.