Old Man Emu Suspension

Enjoy a full range of 4WD suspension accessories

When looking at UV4x4’s selection of Old Man Emu 4x4 suspension kits, you can be confident you're obtaining premium comfort and practicality standards to make your off-roading adventures easier.

When you're travelling on uneven terrain, carrying a camper trailer or caravan, we want to help you improve ride quality with the right suspension components.

Getting its name from an emu's ability to move seamlessly at high speeds across uneven terrain, the Old Man Emu suspension is an extremely effective solution to increase the load-carrying capabilities of your 4WD, improve both comfort and vehicle handling, as well as increased ground clearance for the more strenuous situations.

A Unique Approach to 4x4 Suspensions

Old Man Emu 4x4 suspension by ARB provides a unique approach to a vehicle’s requirements for off-road comfort and capabilities. Instead of providing a range of different products, Old Man Emu 4x4 suspension components are designed as a range of integrated systems that are matched to provide premium levels of comfort, control and load carrying capabilities.

This line also offers an extensive range of shock absorbers and springs; each capable of being uniquely matched to your vehicle for improving ride quality when managing more challenging terrain or simple touring.

The standout of this range is the BP-51 shock absorbers, which is a new range of high performance, bypass designs that are aimed at delivering optimum levels of comfort and control.

The Nitrocharger Sport Shock Absorbers work to provide tremendous improvements in comfort, ride, and handling, no matter the terrain. In combination with a spring, the shock will effectively absorb excess energy and result in a significantly improved ride.

The Old Man Emu Coil Springs are designed specifically to suit a large number of vehicles and are made from top of the range micro-alloyed spring steel to ensure the absence of sagging and corrosion.

With a large selection available for purchase, coil springs can be matched to corresponding load weights and intended vehicle usage and integrated to significantly improve and increase ride control and ride height.

Old Man Emu Leaf Springs are a sturdy solution that will provide exceptional ride performance regardless of the conditions. A fully integrated system is achieved when the springs are combined with a set of Old Man Emu Shock Absorbers.

As soon as your vehicle is fitted with Old Man Emu 4x4 suspension, the benefits are felt and will help your vehicle maintain great stability and off-road capabilities.

Other 4WD suspension related products and services are on offer such as GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) upgrades as well as Steering Stabilisers.

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Suspension FAQ's

Old Man Emu 4x4 suspension is a complete system tailored for superior performance when travelling across the harsh Australian outback. It makes a noticeable difference and improvement whether you're towing your camper or using your 4WD, along with increasing your vehicle's ride height, load-carrying capability, and control characteristics.

With a commitment to providing an extensive selection of suspension systems and spring liners, Old Man Emu transforms the way your vehicle manages road handling in extremely complex terrain, rocky bushland and dusty outback roads.

The amount of time your Old Man Emu Suspension lasts on your 4x4 will depend on how you use it, whether you're primarily off-road or on-road. However, generally anywhere between 80,000km and 100,000km.

Depending on the use of the vehicle you may see more than 5 years lifespan form a set of OME coils. If used in extreme conditions naturally this lifespan will be shortened.

While there are 4 or 5 brands that are known to be good for your vehicle, Old Man Emu suspension and load carrying capability is the top choice for consumers. You're probably asking why Old Man Emu? Their shock absorbers and suspension systems are reliable and made for the harsh Australian conditions, especially those found in the outback.

Old Man Emu is superior in its performance, and road handling and maintains great stability whether you spend a lot of time off-road or on. These have been tested comprehensively and are backed by a three-year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

All OME suspension shock absorbers and springs are manufactured by well-known brand ARB in-house after buying OME in 1988. They are engineered with an off-road focus for comfort and the right type of handling, tailored to fit popular brands of 4x4.

OME shocks are progressive, which means they are designed to manage bumps that you experience off-roading at high and low speeds while the vehicle remains stable. The system improves the quality of your ride when cruising along dusty bush or outback roads.