4x4 Roof Racks

Rhino-Rack, Thule & ARB Roof Racks

If you're travelling on your next adventure, it is the extra versatility and capacity of storage on your rooftop that makes these products from UV4x4 so valuable.

By freeing up the internal space for passengers and comfort, our roof rack solutions make for safer travel and make your driving experience a whole lot roomier.

Without the support of a roof rack, kayak carriers, or a bike rack, sometimes the trip may not be possible because there simply isn't enough room for all the gear and people.

Carry Gear your Way with Trusted Roof Rack Brands

At UV4x4, we are committed to providing our customers with all the major brands, including ARB, Rhino & Thule roof racks and accessories.

When you browse through our selection, you will find that we offer innovative choices for both your 4WD & 2WD vehicles.

ARB Roof Rack Systems

It's with confidence that you can browse through our collection of ARB roof rack systems for robust, lightweight, and heavy-duty design options. The ARB fully welded BASE Rack option is the best solution when wanting to spend time driving in extreme conditions, such as those our Australian backcountry demands.

These ARB Roof Rack systems come in powder-coated steel or aluminium, and function to maximise your efficiency, including an open-ended 4x4 roof rack to carry those extra-long loads.

This range can also be fitted to your canopy to include a cabin overhang to take advantage of the free space above the cabin.

Rhino Rack Systems

If you're looking for the perfect fit for your 4x4, you can also browse through UV4x4's entire collection of Rhino Roof Racks. These high quality, Australian-designed roof rack systems offer many options through their modular designs. Starting with simple crossbars, these arrangements offer solutions for nearly every vehicle.

Rhino Rack Pioneer Trays are stylish and offer you many options to transport extra gear on your 2WD, 4WD or UTE. Available in straight flat versions or with rails on some or all sides, these are truly the market leaders in their field.

Rhino-Rack roof rack systems complement the range with many accessories, including awnings, luggage boxes, kayak carriers, bike carriers, and many more items for making off-roading a lot more accessible.

Commercially, this range has been used comprehensively for the largest government and utility companies.

Thule Roof Rack's

Thule Roof Racks complete the trilogy of premium brands in our selection of stock. Thule's roof racks and accessories cover all the most common vehicles and have the most complete range of luggage boxes, along with bike racks and carriers, being Thule's speciality covering every need for your next adventure.

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Roof Rack FAQ's

When choosing to add an ARB roof rack system or other brands to the top of your car, if they are installed correctly, and not used outside their intended parameters they will not cause any damage to your vehicle.

In general, one size fits all is not the case for Thule, Rhino Rack or ARB roof racks. To determine what roof rack best suits your vehicle, using an automatic fitting guide will help you make an informed decision and enable you to choose the right rack system that is the perfect fit for your car. In some cases, if you have the right fitting gear your vehicle can accommodate most roof racks or can easily be modified to do so.

Once you've chosen the right roof rack system for your vehicle, it's time for installation. If you decide to go down the DIY route, you may be surprised at how relatively simple the process can be. While the types of kits will vary in their requirements, to get the perfect fit for your rack system you should contact one of our friendly staff.

If you're an adventurer, like camping, surfing, snowboarding or enjoy other experiences that require equipment, adding a roof rack system to your vehicle is the ideal way to carry the extra load.

Aside from being a great storage solution, they are a great way to keep the car cleaner and leave legroom for the passengers, both the human and canine variety.

There are a variety of roof rack options for you to select for your vehicle, and all the major brands create a variety ready to store your gear. The roof rack types include:

  • Through Bar Rack - carries a maximum load, and the aero bar shape ensures low wind noise when driving at highway speeds.
  • Flush Bar Roof Rack - sleek and sporty, ideal for carrying roof boxes, bikes, and kayaks.
  • Platform Roof Rack - offers maximum space without needing to use crossbars.