Dual Battery Systems and Electrical

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Dual Battery Systems for Powered Driving

It's the extra freedom that is gained through employing UV4x4’s range of dual battery kits and electric systems that makes them so valuable when wanting to get offroad for a few days.

An auxiliary battery system leaves you knowing that you can effectively power additional accessories when travelling long distances.

Whether camping remotely or heading out for an off-road adventure, enjoy luxuries like fridge freezers, camp lighting, and other accessories, without flattening your vehicles start battery.

At UV4x4, we stock a range of deep cycle batteries, auxiliary kits, solar equipment, chargers, and more. Confidently get out on the open road with all the comforts of home when you're away from home.

Reliable & Trusted Brands for Driving Freedom

We stock popular brands like Century Yuasa, Invicta Lithium and Optima deep cycle batteries which are known for their durability and reliability as an independent power source for accessories such as a portable fridge and other camping accessories, along with being a backup in the event of a main battery failure.

These dual deep cycle battery systems and kits are essential to any 4WD adventurer.

To support the typical 4WD driver, our selection of auxiliary battery kits includes a 2mm powder coated steel auxiliary battery tray, mounting hardware, and either a smart solenoid or DC-DC charger. Each item ensures you have all the backup you need when out on the open road.

One of the most reliable and celebrated brands we stock is Redarc. Redarc products are an environmentally friendly, efficient, and effective way to help power your 12V appliances and accessories during camping and touring adventures.

In the Redarc solar range, a variety of Monocrystalline panels and kits, SunPower Monocrystalline blankets, and flexible amorphous blankets are available to suit different requirements. 

Meanwhile, the Redarc Dual Input Battery Charger is a representation of next-generation in-vehicle charging technology. This product will maximise the performance and life of your auxiliary dual battery systems with added features such as separate DC and Solar DC inputs that can charge simultaneously.

The Redarc Pure Sine Wave Inverter imitates an everyday wall plug, making it ideal for delicate electronics, handheld GPS units, computers, or any 240V devices in your vehicle.

We also stock items from the renowned ARB range, including dual battery systems and kits. The BCDC In-Vehicle Charger will ensure maximum voltage and charge in the event of a voltage drop through a multi-stage DC to DC charger.

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Dual Battery System FAQ's

If you plan to run any 12v accessory for extended periods of time without the vehicle running the yes, if you need to run a range of equipment such as safety lights, radios, or fridges when your 4x4 is parked, a dual battery system will ensure your vehicle is always ready to go while still powering your accessories.

Generally, your alternator won't be damaged as a result of using a dual battery system. If your battery experiences an internal short, it can cause the alternator to work harder than expected, and, in turn, causes some harm.

If you were to charge both batteries at one time and they were both relatively low then it may be too much for the alternator. Otherwise, the main impact on your vehicle when using the alternator as a charging station would be using more petrol.

If everything is in good running order, and your alternator is healthy, then you shouldn't experience a break or damage to it.

Installing a battery kit will guarantee your vehicle can run extra lights or a fridge while keeping everything running smoothly. With a conventional vehicle battery, you are likely to run out of charge and may be stranded.  Having a dual battery system installed will enable you to use your accessories while still having plenty of power to return home if you plan on heading off-road.

The basic components of a dual battery system are:

  • High quality DC-DC charger
  • Deep cycle battery
  • Battery tray
  • Electrical consumables (wiring, fuses, fuse holders, conduit etc.)
  • Power outlets

We can supply you with all the required components to install the system yourself, or we can take care of the installation for you. Contents will vary depending on the brand and setup you choose. To ensure a proper installation, we recommend asking a professional for assistance.

A dual-battery kit is an essential camping accessory if you plan on going on long trips or off-grid trips. It will not only provide power for your comfort extras, such as lighting or a portable refrigerator but also act as a backup in case your main battery fails. Using this deep cycle battery system and its accessories, you can charge your device on the go, which is ideal if you live a nomad lifestyle.