Dual Battery Systems and Electrical

Dual Battery Kits, Chargers and More

It is the extra freedom that is gained through employing UV4x4’s range of dual battery and electric systems that makes them so valuable.

An auxiliary battery system can leave you knowing that you can power additional comforts, such as Fridge Freezers or camping accessories, without flattening your main battery.

At UV4x4 we stock a range of batteries, auxiliary kits, solar equipment, chargers and more.

Both the Century Yuasa and Optima batteries are available in the battery range. This durable and reliable battery is an independent power source for accessories such as fridges or camp lights as well as a backup in the event of the failure of the main battery. These batteries are an essential to any 4WD adventurer. Our auxiliary battery kits include a 2mm powder coated steel auxiliary battery tray, mounting hardware and either a solenoid or smart solenoid.

One of our most reliable brands is Redarc. The Redarc Solar Panels are an environmentally friendly, efficient and effective way to help power your 12V appliances and accessories during camping and touring adventures. In the Redarc range, a variety of Monocrystalline panels and kits, Sunpower Monocrystalline blankets and flexible amorphous blankets are available to suit different requirements. The Redarc Dual Input Battery Charger is a representation of next generation in-vehicle charging technology. This product will maximise the performance and life of your auxiliary battery with added features such as separate DC and Solar DC inputs that can charge simultaneously. The Redarc Pure Sine Wave Inverter imitates an everyday wall plug and is therefore perfect for delicate electronics, handheld GPS units, computers or any 240V devices in your vehicle.

We also stock several other products from the ARB range. The BCDC In-Vehicle Charger will ensure maximum voltage and charge in the event of a voltage drop through a multi-stage DC to DC charger. The CTEK battery is a compact and fully automatic solution to recharge or maintain your 4WD battery. Battery Management Systems are a multi-stage battery charging and maintenance solution to manage the vehicle's charging system and 240V and MMPT solar inputs.