Safari Snorkels

4x4 Safari Snorkel Options

It is the extra breathability and quality that the range of Safari Snorkels offers that makes it a valuable addition to any vehicle.  This design will protect your vehicle from dust, snow and water ingestion to ensure dry air is available no matter how tough the conditions.

The Safari Snorkel will empower you and your vehicle to extend your 4WD imagination and adventures across Australia in some of the toughest off-road conditions.

We are committed to the quality and performance of Safari Snorkels that funnel cool clean air and have a substantial material wall thickness.

Safe Off-Road Performance with Safari Snorkels

By putting your trust in a Safari Snorkel, you can tour some of the toughest off-road places while ensuring safe engine operation and protection from water and dust.

Developed in the 1980s in Australia, the Safari Snorkel system performs to reduce the intake of dust which otherwise would be troublesome to engine performance.

These automotive snorkels make travelling through water crossings a lot safer because they provide a constant supply of fresh air for your engine and compatibility with a range of pre-cleaners.

If you are after optimum engine performance for your off-road experience, then one of the products we keep in stock will help you to achieve this goal. One of the advantages is the intricacy of a Safari Snorkel design process.

Safari’s Air Ram system is an integral attribute of this product and is designed to concurrently remove large amounts of water from the incoming air pathway whilst ensuring maximal airflow to the engine of the vehicle.

These features ensure that these manufactured automotive snorkels will be stable enough to manage huge air flow demands from the incoming air stream.

Breathe Easier with Better Brands

Our selection of Safari Snorkels offers premium quality products for a vast range of 4x4 vehicles. There are three premium models on offer to suit different vehicle needs and to ensure your vehicle has the coolest and cleanest air, including the ARMAX & V-Spec range.

The ARMAX Snorkel is a one-of-a-kind product worldwide that offers maximum performance. Offering an increase of 25% -70% airflow to the engine over standard air cleaner flows from the vehicle manufacturers, it not only increases engine performance but also maintains a watertight raised air intake.

The V-Spec range offers a similar superb versatility standard but instead suits only current models and non-current models respectively.

All designs are made from a UV stabilised polyethylene body to ensure a secure and robust fitting to your vehicle.

The Safari Snorkel is a necessary and integral addition to any 4WD vehicle.

Snorkel FAQ's

A Safari Snorkel system helps increase your vehicle's performance, reduces wear and tear on your engine and improves fuel efficiency. Automotive snorkels main purpose is to distribute clean and cool air thoroughly throughout your vehicle, particularly the engine to protect it from dust and water when crossing water or when off-roading.

Using a Safari Snorkel system benefits your vehicle by increasing engine performance, increasing fuel efficiencies, less wear and tear and maintenance on your vehicle and preventing clogging from dust. It works like Personal Protective Equipment that people wear, but manufactured automotive snorkels are for cars.

If you're going off-roading or through the water with your 4x4 in Australia, it is indeed worth having a Safari Snorkel installed on your vehicle for contaminant-free cleaner and cooler air. Even if you're not spending time off-road or battling river crossings, it helps improve the performance of your 4x4, especially if you live in dusty terrain.

The role of a Safari Snorkel is to prevent your vehicle from ingesting water. While the snorkel body manages rainwater and other wet conditions, the engine that it works to protect isn't. For this reason, further preparations may need to take place should you be crossing particularly deep water.

Safari Snorkel makes vehicles' air cleaner and increases engine performance rather than hurting it. These have been designed to be highly efficient and are a must choice if you're crossing dusty terrains, rivers or you live in areas with heavy rain and torrential tropical storms.

Even if a 4x4 owner doesn't plan on going off-road, it's still a beneficial addition to your vehicle in Australia given the changing conditions throughout our country.

With the addition of a Safari ARMAX Snorkel, your engine performance will be improved and run cleaner. The air intake into the air ram works to improve your engine power along with maximising fuel efficiency.

Safari Snorkels are manufactured in Australia to stand up to our harsh environment and changing weather. They are made from polyethylene which is a premium product that is robust and moulded seamlessly to your vehicle. All the fittings and fixtures are resistant to corrosion.

We recommend purchasing only trusted brands such as Safari, so you're certain it's made from premium quality materials and protects your engine from dust and water when driving off-road or through deep water.

Buying a well-respected product gives you the confidence that it's been tested many times over and the design has been researched before being created. You also have peace of mind that these have been installed many times and are a reliable choice for travelling across the terrain in Australia.

Safari manufactured automotive snorkels have been intricately designed to fit seamlessly with a range of vehicles. From the air ram to the airbox, each aspect has been detailed to work well with most 4x4s and operate to deliver the best air intake for maximum functionality.