4x4 Safari Snorkel Options

It is the extra breathability and quality that the range of Safari Snorkels offers that makes it a valuable addition to any vehicle.  This design will protect your vehicle from dust, snow and water ingestion to ensure dry air is available no matter how tough the conditions.

The Safari Snorkel will empower you and your vehicle to extend your 4WD imagination.

Some of the improvements that will result include a reduction in dust intake to avoid downfalls in engine performance, engine protection from water when travelling through water crossings, a constant supply of fresh air for your engine and compatibility with a range of pre cleaners. If you are after optimum engine performance off-road, then one of these products will help you to achieve this goal.

One of the advantages is the intricacy of its design process. Safari’s Air Ram system is an integral attribute to this product and is designed to concurrently remove large amounts of water from the incoming air pathway whilst ensuring maximal airflow to the engine of the vehicle.

This range offers premium quality products for a vast range of vehicles. There are three models on offer to suit different vehicle needs including the ARMAX, V-Spec and R-Spec.

The ARMAX Snorkel is a one of a kind product worldwide. Offering an increase of 25% -70% airflow to the engine over standard air cleaner flows from the vehicle manufacturers, it not only increases engine performance but also maintains a watertight raised air intake. The V-Spec and R-Spec range offers a similar superb versatility standard but instead suits only current models and non-current models respectively.

All designs are made from a UV stabilised polyethylene body to ensure a secure and robust fitting to your vehicle.

The Safari Snorkel is a necessary and integral addition to any 4WD vehicle.