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Full-Frontal Protection with SmartBar

SmartBar is an innovative frontal protection system manufactured from polythene plastic that functions as a lightweight alternative to traditional steel bull bars.

This all-new SmartBar is predominantly popular with fleet and emergency service vehicles, including ambulances, police, and fire services. 

Like most bull bars, SmartBars retain their compatibility with many practical features such as airbags, winches (certain models), mounting provisions for driving lights and UHF antennas, original vehicle fog lamps, and LED parker/indicator lights.

This environmentally friendly and easily fitted bar is available to order through UV4X4.

High Impact Safety for Less Damage

Engineered with safety at the forefront, a Smartbar is efficient, and its lightweight capability and original shape create less wear and tear on your vehicle, emergency or otherwise. After impact, it has the unique ability to maximise its potential by regaining a lot of its shape, which decreases damage after a crash and causes less downtime.

These are 100% Australian made items and are designed to aid the safety of both pedestrians and occupants of your vehicle.

Its overall functionality helps reduce the risk of major issues in remote locations, which means the Smartbar ensures there is less chance of being stranded should there be an accident.

If you want to know more about how we can augment your safety, we welcome your questions about our products, before or after purchase. Enquire now about our products and their compatibility with your 4x4 vehicle.

SmartBar FAQ's

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The all-new SmartBar is similar to but differs from a bull bar. Its purpose is made from polythene rather than metal, making the SmartBar lightweight, at least half a load of a traditional bar.

The primary focus of a SmartBar is acting as protection, usually for emergency and fleet vehicles because damage to an engine is dramatically reduced after impact. When using a bar for your 4x4 when navigating terrain across Australia, you are less likely to be standard when off-roading or camping remotely.

This lightweight bar is revolutionary while ensuring added safety for you and your passengers. With a high safety standard, the bars return to their shape after impact and are a must-have for your next adventure.

SmartBars are a safer choice when compared to a traditional metal bull bar when attached to your vehicle. While they look aesthetically pleasing, their sole purpose is to protect your 4x4 or emergency vehicle when they are involved in an accident, along with passengers and pedestrians.

Given the material they are made from, polythene plastic, they are not only sturdy but have the unique ability to return to their shape after considerable impact. The design causes less damage to your vehicle, and to those around you, and there is less chance of being stranded when off-roading or travelling on unsealed roads.

If you spend a lot of time off-roading or driving on remote roads, then this product is a perfect option for your 4x4. These are commonplace on 4WDs and are great for mileage. They are more of a friendly choice than metal bull bars because they do less damage on impact.

These quality products are the perfect addition to your vehicle and have changed the way we protect ourselves on the road. While they look great, they are generally only available in black. 

However, while you will find most designs look great the focus of this product is on its functionality - being extremely strong yet lightweight, airbag and winch compatible along with maximising your safety should you experience impact in an accident.