Long Range Fuel Tanks

Long-Range Fuel Tanks for Additional Fuel Capacity

If you're a 4WD devotee, you know there's nothing more freeing than trekking across the country without the worry of finding fuel stops.

Our supply of long-range fuel tanks at UV4x4 allows you and your vehicle to stretch that extra distance in comfort, without running low on fuel. Each of our tanks ensures your 4WD adventures are unlimited and uninterrupted.

It is essential to have maximum fuel capacity if you enjoy driving off-road and through Australia's remote areas, particularly when towing. A standard fuel tank will not suffice for this purpose.

When you purchase and install a long-range fuel tank, you're granted peace of mind in knowing your vehicles range is significantly increased.

The Ultimate Choice for Long Range Fuel Tanks

When choosing from our selection of long-range fuel tanks, you can travel to some of the most remote parts of Australia with confidence, knowing you're venturing out with maximum fuel capacity by your side.

Designed specifically for 4WDs and allowing for ground clearance, we only stock fuel tanks that are exceptionally strong and manufactured by respected brands.

4WD enthusiasts will recognise industry leader ARB as a brand known for delivering quality and safe products. Designed for the long haul, the ARB Frontier Long-Range Fuel Tank is known as one of the most robust fuel tanks on the market, due to its incredible maximum strength and rigidity.

Each product is manufactured from a cross-linked polymer, which significantly reduces the weight of the tank compared to steel tank alternatives. The combination of the wall thickness of 7-9 mm, combined with the UV stable plastic material, will ensure the Frontier will last in the toughest of environments, especially in the Australian outback or hinterland. A three-year warranty is also included with this design.

The Long Ranger brand is also specifically engineered to safely maximise the potential of a vehicle travelling distances. With the complete Long Ranger auxiliary tanks and replacement designs available, it enables all owners to go that extra distance on lengthy trips without being at risk of running low on fuel.

Travelling to remote areas is significantly easier and requires less watching of the gauge so you can enjoy your trip with ease.

Also made from steel, these are designed to fit a variety of vehicles and incorporate a range of features including, anti-surge damage, fully sealed brackets, internal baffles, and an in-built expansion chamber.

Long Range Fuel Tank FAQ's

A long-range fuel tank is either an auxiliary tank or a replacement larger capacity tank. They're typically used with 4WDs to gain more fuel capacity for long trips like trekking across Australia. Long range tanks also allow you to take advantage of cheap fuel prices when available.

An auxiliary tank works alongside the main tank to increase the fuel capacity. With a simple flick of a switch, you can pump additional fuel into the main tank. A LED light indicates the tank level, and should the auxiliary tank volume fall empty, an alarm will notify you.

A long-range fuel tank replaces your existing fuel one, which doesn't have the capacity to get you long distances without depleting your supply. These will vary in size but add considerable functionality to vehicles and save individuals from lugging around jerry cans.

Yes, it saves you both immediately and long-term; it's a reliable addition to your vehicle to get you further across Australian roads and bushy terrain, helping you enjoy off-roading without worrying about fuel stops.

If you choose to replace the tank entirely, you will not only save money by stopping at fuel pumps with the best prices; you can travel further and never have to carry jerry cans, saving you space for all the other essential camping accessories.

Deciding what best works for you will be influenced mainly by compatibility with your vehicle, but whatever choice you make, the benefits outweigh sticking with your regular tank if you like to 4WD.

When using a long-range fuel tank, the impact on the fuel gauge will vary depending on the make of the vehicle. Typically, the level will remain on full for a while; however, the low fuel warning will function the same as your regular tank, the greater difference being you will have more in reserve because of the bigger design.

The weight of your new tank will vary depending on the materials it's made from and the brand. Note that it will be heavier than your regular tank and weigh anywhere between 19kg to 45kg.

Most 4WD enthusiasts find that one of the greatest benefits of the additional fuel capacity is the experience of less stress and more time to enjoy their trip. Travellers can confidently trek across remote parts of Australia while enjoying the beauty uninterrupted. Being able to stop less and refuelling when you want means more time spent enjoying the rural surroundings and the freedom of being off-road.

Another significant benefit is that you can save money, depending on where you're travelling. Across some parts of rural Australia, the cost of petrol is expensive. Choosing when you fill up means you can do so at locations that are up to 70 cents cheaper than alternatives along the way.