Long Range Fuel Tanks

Long Range Fuel Tanks

Additional Fuel & Water Capacity

Our range of long range tanks at UV4x4 allows you and your 4WD to stretch that extra distance in comfort.

These tanks will ensure your 4WD adventures are unlimited and uninterrupted.

The ARB Frontier Long Range Fuel Tank is leading the industry worldwide in its design and incredible strength and rigidity features. Each tank is manufactured from a cross-linked polymer, significantly reducing the weight of the tank compared to steel long range tanks. Through the combination of the wall thickness of 7-9mm and the UV stable plastic material, the Frontier Tank is ensured to survive in the toughest of environments. This tank also offers a three year warranty. 

The Long Ranger Fuel and Water Tanks are specifically engineered for 4WD's to safely maximise a vehicle's potential in terms of travelling range. With the complete Long Ranger auxiliary and replacement fuel tanks available, it enables all owners to go that extra distance on long trips.