Recovery Points

Recovery Points

There Are No Shortcuts in Safety...

Our vast range of recovery equipment will ensure that you are well prepared and can get out of an undesirable situation with no fuss. This includes jacks, recovery kits, bags, dampers and straps, as well as popular products such as MAXTRAX and TRED Pro.

ARB offers a range of jacks and accessories including the ARB Jack, Hi-Lift Jack and the X-Jack Exhaust Jack. The ARB Jack features powerful hydraulic technology, a lifting capacity and full circle rotation capability making it a highly functional recovery tool. 

The Hi-Lift Jack is a staple for all 4WDers in terms of recovery and obtains a lifting capacity of 1050kg. The X-Jack can be inflated via the vehicle exhaust or portable air compressor to offer a vehicle lift of 75cm and a lifting capacity of 4000kg. 

The ARB Recovery Damper provides an extra safety precaution in the event of a failure from winch cables or straps. The damper absorbs a large portion of the energy from such a situation to significantly reduce the recoil. ARB Recovery Kits and Bags provide the essentials for every off road adventure.

These purpose-built kits come in different sizes and types to suit different situations. The small and organised bags aid with storage as well as accessibility.  Extensive ranges of premium quality ARB Recovery Straps are available including snatch straps, tree trunk protectors and winch extension straps, each designed for a specific purpose and aid you during the recovery process. 

ARB Recovery Points are a strong and reliable addition that is essential to any vehicle planning to go off road. 

MAXTRAX are a simple and effective recovery solution for any situation in sand, mud or snow. Each track weighs less than 4kg and is manufactured using UV stable, engineering grade reinforced nylon.

TRED Pro is the ultimate recovery solution for any situation involving mud, sand and snow. It maintains supreme traction owed to its high levels of flexibility, wear resistant design and featuring a one of a kind composite construction, EXOTRED.