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At UV4x4 we understand that your 4x4 is more than just a car. It’s your office, your tool box, your fridge, and your means of escape to a world of adventure for you and your family.

That’s why we take great pride in being able to service and design the best solution to meet your individual needs. Whether that be the bull bar you need to mount your lights, or the roof racks to carry your luggage, or the canopy to store your tools or camping equipment, we can help.

We’ll Power up Your Adventure with Our Four-Wheel-Drive Sccessories

Planning your dream trip around Australia? We can help design a dual battery system, essential for making the most of your adventure.

UV 4X4 accessories sets the industry standard in accessories and fit-outs with specialised and highly experienced teams ready to provide expert advice to our customers. Our technicians are fully qualified (or apprenticed) tradespeople who love working with makes and models in this field.

We have in-house Queensland Transport Inspectors to ensure compliance, including special modifications such as long-range fuel tanks & GVM upgrades.

We are acknowledged as leaders in the 4x4 accessories world and can guide you to the best products and smartest solutions to get you on the road and into the wild.

With over 5000m2 of showroom, warehouse and workshop across three great Brisbane locations at Brendale, Enoggera and Ipswich, UV4x4 has an enormous capacity to create your dream car. Our team of expert salespeople and qualified fitters await. You can take comfort in the knowledge that we have been successfully providing ARB 4WD accessories, products and solutions since last century.

We understand that convenience is key when leaving your vehicle with us for fitting. That’s why all of our locations are handily located close to train lines and other public transport facilities.

Along with knowledge comes the best brands and products, and we have them all. ARB, Rhino-Rack, Thule, ECB, Redarc, Safari Snorkel, Old Man Emu, GME, Lightforce and more. We source only the best quality products, with the best warranties, to ensure you are covered when you need it most.

Not only do we have access to the extensive stockholdings of these quality brands, due to our large warehouse facility, we also hold a great deal of stock in-house so you don’t have to wait!

Don’t just take our word for it. We have been named ARB Queensland’s Stockist of the Year for four consecutive years. A great acknowledgment for all the hard work, service quality, customer communication our staff puts into each and every customer’s car.

Let us help make your dream come true with our quality products and customer service!

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no single roof rack optionsuperior to the rest when it comes down to protection. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you intend to stow on top of your vehicle and whether the craftsmanship is tough enough to withstand the weight.

Add to that, if fuel economy is your primary concern when hitting the road, we recommend aerodynamic options that are designed to cut through the wind more effectively. If you are transporting luggage or goods that are likely to become damaged when wet, you are better suited to an enclosed cargo box.There are also specialised options for water sports, fishing and more, depending on the protection level needed.

Most 4WD vehicles come with a load limit of 100kg on the roof, so you want to look for roof racks that will match that rating. Some are capable of towing more, so base your racks on the load rating of your 4WD.

Do not go over this load amount though, or you could experience anything from poor fuel economy and premature wear on your engine. You may also inflict damage to your asset or become stranded (bogged) when you're out exploring the Australian landscape.

You will pay $100 to $700 for your new roof racks, depending on the brand, whether it's the latest model, the quality and the requirements you have. We stock a wide range of affordable aftermarket products and latest release models that are perfect for any 4x4. You can also follow us to find the latest products, information, communication around releases and the best method for your actual needs. In some cases, we also offer offers on your order, allowing you to get a cheap sale on a specific product.

There are very few models that will not be able to handle this type of gear. Cars are made to be tough, so when you're shopping around for one that suits your specific car, there's no hard and fast rule. However, make sure the product itself can handle the weight you plan to store on it, especially if you're hitting the road on an adventure or going camping. The last thing you want is to lose valuables or damage your car, due to an overbearing load.

Additionally, the type of car you own will also determine the size you need. Smaller vehicles not only have less space on the roof but less ability to effectively haul large, tough items, due to the reduced power coming generated by the engine.

To answer that question, you will need to test your car on different surfaces and see how it feels. Your system will have a direct impact on your performance on rugged surfaces, especially with heavy and tough loads strapped to the top. Give it a test run, and if you notice any of the following problems, you may need to upgrade to aftermarket alternatives:

Poor performance: if things get bumpy when you go off-road, it's a sign that your system isn't up to the task. You may also notice the body roll when you are cornering, nosediving when you come back to earth, or bottom out-all signs you need an upgrade on your system.

Sagging: when the rear of your vehicle dips and sags, it is a sure sign that your system is being overworked.

Age: if your car is an older model and not the latest, you should consider an aftermarket upgrade. Chances are technology has improved dramatically since yours was installed, and you will be able to get an affordable substitute that performs far better easily. You don't have to opt for a brand-new system; even a second-hand one will do.

Tyre wear: a system that is doing its job well maximise the tyre surface on the road or wherever you are driving. A bumpy ride will put more pressure on your tyres, and they will wear out faster.

There are five essential factors to consider when you're looking to find the perfect aftermarket 4WD suspension:

Weight: think about your plans for your adventure. Consider everything you will load up, including roof racks, cargo, fridges, extra fuel tanks, a total payload of passengers, the dog in the back -everything. You want a system that has the weight rating to handle your load. Choosing one that has the wrong load means you risk damaging your asset.

Flex: consider the tracks you will be taking on. The weekend warrior will need less flex than an experienced off-roader taking on the most brutal terrain in the Australian bush. No matter where you're bound to be located, make sure you've considered the landscape first and have tough accessories to withstand the environment.

Comfort: this one goes without saying; you want a system that delivers the smoothest ride under allconditions possible. It should be tough enough to withstand harsh environments.

Longevity: map out your plans and get all information you need. How often do you plan on taking it off-road and on what terrain? Where will you be located in Australia? Will you be working your battery over time? Heavy-duty shocks are necessary for hardworking 4X4s but are not essential for those looking to head out for the occasional fishing trip. Conversely, if you are hitting up rough surfaces every weekend, then you want heavy-duty options to prevent your shocks from wearing out too quickly.

This depends entirely on the quality of your shocks and the driving you are doing. Stock systems are not likely to last long if you are routinely hitting deep ditches, rocky surfaces and undulating landscapes. Be sure your systems match the workload you will ask of it for years of off-road adventuring.

This depends on the car and the type of system that has been installed as stock. Some 4x4s roll out of the showroom ready to rip and tear through rough terrain, while others have been designed more as people movers in urban environments.

Upgrades raise the body and frame, so it is better suited to off-roading. You will have greater clearance from the surface, room to fit larger tyres with better traction and durability and extended travel (the vertical wheel movement allowed by your vehicle). All of these factors make for a better experience.

There are so many products to choose from in our range you will be sure to find exactly what you need. There are some interior productsfor your 4X4 that you should never leave home without, including a well-stocked first aid kit, an air compressor, spare tyres, a shovel and a fire extinguisher.

It is always a good idea to have a 12-volt fridge to keep basic food items, and any essential medicines chilled, while a CB/UHF or RF radio (for long distances) is always a good idea.

If you are just getting started with heading off-road and adventuring in a 4X4, this is your basic checklist of essential items for beginners (and all drivers):

Bull bar: essential when you are heading off-road or even just leaving the city. A single bumper protects most of your mechanical components, so this is required to protect them from any collisions or animal strikes. A bull bar is also essential for the safety of everyone inside of the vehicle, as the Australian outback can be very unpredictable. They're tough and able to protect you when you need it most. For offroad adventures -like camping or outback exploration -these products a must.

Air intake snorkel: beginners shouldn't be taking on water crossings straight away, but an air intake snorkel is essential nonetheless. These devices will stop water from getting into your engine and will also help reduce dust and dirt intake, so you are getting higher quality air through your machine.

Long-range fuel tank: when you are in the outback and a long way from any petrol stations, it is essential to carry enough fuel with you for any occasions. Long-range or reserve tanks are vital for beginners and experienced drivers alike.

Dual batteries: if you are using a fridge, a radio, a winch or other accessories, you can get through your battery's charge quickly if you are not careful, so you should always have a backup.

Winch: Essential for when you get bogged or stuck in a ditch, which is highly possible when you are a beginner.

High-lift jack: not every item you will need is high tech; the high-lift jackis a massive hung of solid metal that is old as time and essential as the wheels on your 4x4. This will effectively supercharge your regular jack, enabling you to lift your wheel and clear obstacles.

Suspension kit: this might not be essential, but in most cases, the stock option will not do the job when you want to go off-roading. Speak to our team about the best options for your make and model vehicle, as well as for safety and comfort.

Driving lights: you don't have the limitations of your lighting in the big smoke when you are in the bush. Get the best visibility possible with these powerful options set on a separate switch to your regular lighting. These are used in tandemwith your high beam

Raising your car and gaining more clearance from the ground has a range of benefits for offroading. It gives your suspension more room to move vertically, which can make for a smoother road, and it also makes it simple to clear rocks, water-dense scrub and other terrains. If you need to change your tyres in the bush, having the extra clearance will make the job more accessible as well.

Having the extra clearance makes it less likely you will damage any mechanics underneath the cabin, but this extra space makes it easier for you to work on your vehicle if you do.

If you have any further questions about your next offroading adventure or would like expert advice on the best products available through our online site or shop, we recommend getting in touch with our helpful team. We can provide you with a price, the latest news, store information, gear recommendations, battery guidance, service recommendations and more. Best of all, we have flexible options for your payments and delivery, allowing you to get everything you need, without the stress.

Our delivery team will also send your gear straight to your door, anywhere in Australia. Search online through our shop for the best price on your essentials, and we'll have your car ready and raring to hit the great outdoors.

Alternatively, visit us in-store to see all of our offroad products -from bars to accessories, and all categories beyond-in action.

We currently accept payments via Visa, Mastercard in-store only and not online. Enquire about a product by viewing the specific information and sending us a communication. At this point in time, we do not offer a pay later service(like Afterpay) in our online shop or physical store. Payments are in-store only. Contact us for more information.