UV4x4's Five Points of Service

UV4x4's Five Points of Service

The Things We Do to Set Us Apart From our Competitors...

We focus on service first and foremost. Our staff know that it is their job to make the lives of our customers as easy as possible through the provision of well priced, reliable and good quality products and services.

At UV4x4 we achieve our success through helping to make our customers successful and we focus on delivering in the following areas:

-Stock: We buy in bulk to be able to pass on competitive pricing. We also keep a lot of product in our own warehouse. This ensures that we can often supply our customers exactly what they need without being exposed to delays caused by our suppliers.

-Speed: Our custom designed premises and high staffing levels give us the capacity to quickly turn around a large volume of vehicles, regardless of the complexity of the fitouts required. We run a prioritised work-in-progress schedule that gives us the ability to maximise efficiency and meet customer deadlines.

-Quality: Our policy is not to trade the quality of our workmanship or products for increases in speed. Our strategy is to employ as many highly trained technicians as we need to deliver a superior standard of workmanship on every vehicle, regardless of our workload or your turnaround time.

We also constantly work to strengthen our partnerships with suppliers and keep our eyes on the horizon to ensure that we are recommending only the best with the fruits of this approach ultimately passed on to our customers.

-Reliability: We have a long history of working with commercial customers and understand which products are best for each application and what is needed to withstand the often harsh environments that the vehicles are destined for.

You can be rest assured that once a vehicle is sent out the door, you shouldn’t ever have to deal with it again.

-'Complete Cycle’ Packaged Services: We take care of everything in-house so that you can get on with utilising your time to do more important things.

Partnering with UV4x4 means that you can put an end to multiple quotes, multiple vehicle movements and multiple opportunities for your ‘job’ to be damaged or delivery times to be delayed.         

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Carrying stock is a crucial component in the efficiency of UV4x4