4x4 Winches

Our 4WD Winch Range

As one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have for your vehicle, a 4x4 winch offers you the extra reliability and reassurance you need when you need to be pulled out of a situation.

Our premium range of 4x4 winch designs provides our customers with the assurance that they will be safe in situations where recovery equipment is required.

Whether you are trapped in knee-deep mud, stuck in torrential rain on an off-road mountain track or bogged in the desert, the reliability, durability and optimum performance standards of one of our 4WD winches will ensure you and your vehicle’s safety.

Discover the Perfect 4x4 Winch with Reliable Brands

At UV4x4, we always have the safety of our customers at the forefront of our minds. For this reason, we ensure the availability of top-of-the-range designs and brands that perform efficiently and reliably.

By choosing from our well-researched selection, you will always be prepared and never need to use substandard products for recovery ever again. We stake our reputation on only stocking brands that are manufactured to premium standards for reliability, and durability, including Warn, Bushranger, and Smittybilt.

Warn Winches

Warn has been manufacturing off-road equipment for over half a century and are 4WD experts who stand by everything they make. The team at UV4x4 know that any Warn winch is a reliable investment and ensures you're prepared when off-roading.

Warn's 4x4 winches are designed to specifically perform in the most arduous of situations as a result of the extensive effort that is invested in the testing stage. As industry leaders,

Warn products can be confidently used with comprehensive ARB parts. At UV4x4 we offer all Zeon, Classic, Magnum, Powersport, and Utility winches as well as many other accessories.

Bushranger Winches

If you're looking for a versatile and reliable 4x4 winch for your vehicle, the Bushranger 4x4 winch designs will provide rigorously tested, durable and genuine products for any 4WD. The Bushranger brand is ready for real-world settings and is packed with features such as 23% lower amp draw than its competitors, high-quality manufacturing, a thermal overload sensor, and superior pulling power.

With all the features the Bushranger selection has, these winches are certainly worth their value. Added benefits include a limited lifetime warranty with each product.

Smittybilt Winches

For a dynamically designed winch, Smittybilt winches are another range we have on offer that uses technology for peak performance. Their smart design and fast speeds never compromise on the quality in terms of reliability and durability, and with their commitment to a lifetime warranty, you'll always be ready to get out of sticky situations.

On offer is the all-new Gen 2 Smittybilt X20 10 10,000lb winch that is suited to almost any situation.

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Winch FAQ's

When choosing the right 4WD winch for your vehicle, you want to be certain its performance is of the highest standard so you can rely on it when you find yourself in a sticky situation. When you're purchasing this security measure before going out on an adventure, there are a number of considerations in making the right choice:

  1. Cost - prices range anywhere between $500 and into the thousands, however, the best performing winches are Warn, Bushranger, and Smittybilt.
  2. Capacity - the capacity rating of your winch should be more than the gross weight of your 4x4. Include the weight of any accessories you may be carrying - water tanks, trailers, rooftop tents, etc.
  3. Synthetic rope or steel cable – Synthetic rope equipped winches are the most sought-after choice because they're much safer & lighter than a steel cable equivalent. 

Mounting methods - your choice will depend on whether you want it mounted on your bumper, to be hidden, or as a multi-mount. While most winches come with various options for mounting, make sure you check the specific requirements before making your purchase.

If you plan on going on off-road adventures across Australia and you want to be independent in case you get stuck, then yes. In that case, a 4x4 winch is essential if you want to enjoy your experience to the fullest extent. It gives you the freedom to visit some amazing places while being able to take responsibility for your vehicle should there be an issue.

When choosing between an electric and manual winch, your choice is subject to your preference because both have their pros and cons. The best way to determine your choice is with a little bit more information on how effective each is.

  • Manual Winches: These can be used anywhere and pulled in any direction without the need for a special front bar. Compared to an electric winch, they are more cost effective, but they require hard work to use them. You must remember to put them in the vehicle, which means you're at risk of forgetting to bring them and they take up space that you would usually have free for other essential materials.
  • Electric Winches: These require less work than a manual winch, which already strikes the interest of many, along with the fact that access is easy because it's always ready to go. If aesthetics are important to you, they look nice mounted on the front of your vehicle. However, they add extra weight and don't work if your battery is dead. It's important to note that it won't work if your car is underwater.